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Conservatory Info:

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Weather Station Data:

07 Feb 09: Weather Station computer stopped working. (I knew I shouldn't have pulled _________it out to clean behind it !!).

24 Mar 09: System up and running again, however historical data will take some time _________to get back in step.

14 Nov 09: Poor old weather station itself is not well now !! For some time now the wind _________information has been intermittent, now the rain gauge has packed up. Looks _________like I'll have to fork out on a new one. Still, on the bright side, Christmas is _________comimg !!

08 Dec 09: Got new weather station (Davis Vantage Vue). Data from now will be from this _________new station, although still a lot of setting up to do (eg forecast overwrites top _________of windchill and temp gauge texts).

29 Oct 17: Disconnected Weather Station due to moving.

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Other Weather Info:

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